WINDOWS with REHAU Brillant-Design system

The perfect in details

five-chamber system with 70 mm and 80 mm deep profiles

You should choose windows made of Brillant Design profiles when you are looking for high-quality windows for energy efficient houses or for thermal insulation of buildings – especially when you want to reduce the cost of heating in the building.
These windows will meet your highest demands concerning the parameters of the thermal protection. In our offer you will find both, 70 mm deep and 5-Chamber profiles and 80 mm deep and 6-chamber profiles.
Gentle arcs, rounded edges, delicate slants - all this gives windows with REHAU Brillant-Design profiles a modern and professional look.


  • the wide range of profiles allows for an almost unlimited choice of shapes and colors of window - you can meet almost any of your dreams related to the appearance of your windows
  • high-quality, smooth outer surface of the profiles make windows cleaning easy and fund as it has never been before.
  • diagonal base of frame channel facilitates desiccation and care - heavy rains will not be scary anymore
  • reinforcement with large cross-section ensures high stability of windows – even in the biggest gusts of wind, your window will be stable
  • the profiles are friendly to the environment and for your health, they are recyclable
  • the windows with Brillant Design profiles meet the highest requirements of sound insulation, so it will always be silent at your home, regardless of what happens on the outside.


  • the system is especially recommended for low energy buildings and for thermal insulation
  • prepared for higher standard investments
  • the possibility to design windows and doors
  • meets extreme requirements of acoustic insulation

- information about the appearance of the profiles

  • classic not faced, half-faced Design wing and rounded Design wing
  • rounded 80 mm wide frame
  • wide possibilities of creations with a rich palette of veneered and lacquered profiles and aluminium overlays
  • grey seals which are a nice touch on a background of white profiles
  • excellent optics with 20° slants of the profiles, rounded edges of the wings

Properties – technical information

profiles depth:

70 mm and 80 mm / stopper seal


5-and 6-chamber (80 mm frame)

the value of the heat transfer coefficient:

Uf= 1,3 W/m²K (standard reinforcement)

the value of the heat transfer coefficient:

Uf= 1,2 W/m²K (steel reinforcement with thermal break)

energy savings:

up to 56% (comparative database - wooden windows with Uw = 2.7 W/m ² K)

acoustic insulation:

(VDI 2719) / Rw: up to class 4 / Rw ≥ 42 dB

burglary resistance
(ENV 1627):

up to class RC 3

air permeability
(PN-EN 12207):

class 4

water resistance
(PN-EN 12208):

class 9 A / E750

on offer:

modern corner profiles, restrict the possibility of formation of condensation to minimum