WINDOWS with REHAU Euro-Design 70 system

Excellent thermal insulation!

Modern look!

Do you invest a lot in your house or apartment?

That's why each selection should meet your expectations in every detail.
If you care about modern design, comfort of your home and cost savings with effective thermal insulation - select windows with REHAU Euro-Design 70 profiles.

Windows benefits
REHAU Euro-Design 70

  • excellent thermal parameters that Euro-Design 70 windows offer will allow significant energy savings
  • with smooth, easy-to-clean outer surfaces of profiles, window cleaning becomes extremely simple and fun
  • Euro-Design 70 window system gives a wide choice of shapes and colors of windows and balcony doors
  • two enveloped (located around the perimeter of the window) gaskets effectively protect against the cold, dust and moisture from the outside
  • steel reinforcement with large cross-section ensures high stability of windows
  • profiles are friendly to the environment, your health and they can be recycled

Design for you

  • you have the choice of two classic not faced sashes, half-faced sash type A and a rounded sash
  • wide possibilities of creation is offered by extensive palette of veneered profiles (unicolored or wood-like) and painted profiles
  • the wide range of window forms, such as round, triangular, rhomboid and divided light windows
  • the offer also includes grey seals which are a nice touch on a background of white profiles

Properties – technical information

profiles depth:

70 mm/ stopper seal



the value of the heat transfer coefficient:

Uf= 1,3 W/m²K (standard reinforcement)

energy savings:

up to 56% *

water resistance
(PN-EN 12208):

class 9 A / E 750

confirmed acoustic insulation:

Rw = 45 dB

burglary resistance
(ENV 1627):

to class RC 2

air permeability
(PN-EN 12207):

class 4

on offer:

modern corner profiles, restrict the possibility of formation of condensation to minimum
* - comparative base - wooden windows with a Uw = 2.7 w/m ² K coefficient