New windows - new quality of life

Nobody likes to waste time on laborious cleaning and maintenance of windows. Therefore, when you select them, you should also take into account the aspect of comfort of use. Windows and doors are exposed every day to the changing weather conditions - rain, wind, dust, and often intense opening and closing.

Easy to clean windows?
Yes, it's simple

Our window profiles are characterized by special outer surface. It is exceptionally smooth and it impresses with its degree of gloss. With these qualities, the dirt and dust settle a lot harder on it.

You do not want to waste your time
on windows maintenance?

If you decide to purchase plastic windows, you will no longer have to spend free moments on their sanding and painting. Their maintenance is extremely simple - just once a year lubricate all moving parts with a few drops of machine oil and treated the seals with silicone for gaskets.

The windows with the REHAU systems are characterized by extremely smooth external surface of profiles made in the HDF (High Definition Finishing) technology. Its secret lies in the special recipe and improved production method developed by our engineers. This ensures that any dirt is removed quickly and comfortably using household detergents. And you have more time for your own pleasures.

Using of Tolkmicko windows will give you much satisfaction
with their functionality, ease of use
and ease of cleaning.

Traditional windows

On traditional window surface, due to its more porous structure, the dirt can easily settle in the hollows and is difficult to remove.

TUFE windows

With the HDF technology based on REHAU profiles, we managed to obtain much smoother surfaces which the dirt hardly settles on.