WINDOWS with GENEO system

The new generation of windows

You can save 76% of energy!

You can now find fiber glass proven many times in aviation and Formula 1 in your own windows!

The unique formula of composite material - RAU-FIPRO found an innovative application in the GENEO windows.
This is a very stable material of the future, it opens new directions in the window industry.
It provides excellent static properties of the GENEO profiles without the need for steel reinforcement – the main culprit of thermal bridges in the windows.

Save on heating bills!


  • The system of extremely stable window profiles - without the use of reinforcing steel - energy saving in GENEO windows is a lot easier and your heating bills are much lower
  • excellent stability of the profiles is obtained thanks to an innovative composite material -RAU-FIPRO and perfect structure of the profiles and an integrated system of reinforcements (IVS)
  • excellent thermal insulation of profiles qualifies the system for low energy and passive houses
  • the low height of the profiles (115 mm) facilitates the efficient acquisition of heat and sunlight – your home will be even brighter
  • a special function chamber allows for optimizations of thermal parameters through the use of additional thermal insulation inserts
  • a wide channel in the glass (66 mm) allows to apply thermal insulation, two-chamber glazing packages with a heat transfer coefficient from 0.4 to 0.7 W/m² K
  • the new shape of the seals allows to reduce the forces required to close and open the windows - they open more easily than others
  • smooth, high-quality outer surface of HDF (High Definition Finishing) profiles are easy to clean and maintain - window cleaning can be fun
  • the profiles are friendly to the environment and your health, they can be recycled

- information about the appearance of the profiles

  • wide possibilities of shaping the appearance of windows, stable elements with unusual shapes, such as arched, triangular, diagonal and divided light windows
  • wide possibilities of creations with a rich palette of veneered and lacquered profiles
  • light grey or black seals are elegant accents on a background of white or color profiles
  • a perfect look for profiles with mild slants and rounded outer edges

Properties – technical information

profiles depth:

86 mm, the system wit the central gasket


6-chamber profiles

the value of the heat transfer coefficient:

Uf up to 0.86 W/m² K

energy savings:

energy savings up to 76% *


core of RAU-FIPRO composite material with the glass fiber content, the outer layer of high class RAU-PVC

excellent acoustic insulation:

Rw 47 dB for glass panes of 50 dB sound insulation 50 achieved without steel reinforcement

burglary resistance
(ENV 1627):

up to class RC 3, without steel reinforcement to the class RC 2

air permeability
(PN-EN 12207):

class 4

water resistance
(PN-EN 12208):

class 9 A
* - Reduced energy losses by replacing the old wooden windows (Uf = 1.9, Ug = 3.0) with modern windows with GENEO profiles (Uf = 0.91, Ug = 0.5, for reference window 123 x 148 cm)